Everybody can one day come to face a life situation which is so complicated, that he or she is not able to handle it on him or her own. If the help of friends or family is not sufficient, he or she may contact a psychotherapist (it is not a shame, quite on the contrary!), whom he can trust, who has the proper education, skilled intuition and a lot of experience.

I am a certified psychotherapist in private practice in Bratislava, working in 3-4 languages, working as a counselor before, I have been on the List of Psychotherapists in Slovak Republic since 2005, after an extensive training in Slovakia and with GATLA, headquartered in California.

I have co-founded the Slovak Association for Gestalt Therapy, participated in many international conferences (WCP, EAP, EAGT,SPS) and workshops (GISC – US and OEVG – Austria).

My original occupation was pediatrics. I was born in Bratislava and studied medicine, worked there as a physician for many years at the 1st Pediatric Clinic of the Comenius University.

Later I became CEO in three companies which were representing different international pharmaceutical manufacturers in Bratislava and I also worked in Prague and Vienna as a manager for CEE countries.

At the same time I began with psychotherapy training. I was always interested in psychotherapy.