What to expect

The most common therapeutic goal is for the client to reach higher awareness and explore new possibilities. The individual goal of therapy, which we agree on in the first sessions, can be: to overcome a crisis, to make a decision (for example in work or in a relationship), to reach higher levels of personal growth, etc.

Sessions usually take place once a week and last 50 minutes. Couples therapy lasts 80 minutes. 


There are usually three upfront sessions where we talk about your problem and your expectations before you make the commitment for long-term therapy. I will explain you how I could help you, and then we agree on the next steps.

Individual therapy:

Mostly I do individual therapy, and this is done once or twice a week, long- term, as needed. We work on the underlying issues which are preventing you from living a better and more fulfilled and satisfying life.

Couples therapy:

Couples of different or same sex, parent and child, couples before and after divorce. The objective is how to address issues or solve conflicts in a productive way.

Training therapy for future therapists:

This is considered for therapists in Gestalt training.


Consultations upon agreement, as needed, dealing with conflicts at work, leadership issues, gaps or weaknesses in internal communication, and other similar issues. It can be an interactive counseling and accompanying process. Teaching teams to work together more effectively.