Whom I can help

I have more than 30 years of working experience, including psychotherapy, longtime medical practice, experience from managerial functions and entrepreneurship. I have lived in different countries. Similarly to my clients my private life was not always without problems.

I believe that this background is very helpful in my therapeutic work.

My typical client has his or her own or relational problems, which often have psychosomatic manifestations. The client comes to me, usually upon the recommendation of another physician or of one of my former clients and says:

  • I have problems in my relationship
  • I have recently lost a loved one
  • I feel tired, exhausted, and lack the energy to manage daily life
  • I often feel anxiety, sometimes panic
  • I have problems at work, I lost my job
  • I have doubts about my sexuality, I am confused
  • I do not live like I would like to, I feel unsatisfied
  • I feel that I am different, not accepted
  • I have gone through big changes in my life recently, and cannot deal with them