My approach

Psychotherapy is a treatment method that helps people in their actual complicated life situation or crisis. Client has the possibility of reaching more awareness and more insight into his or her style of functioning and that can help him to resolve problems and to find new options.

Client’s openness and willingness to work with the therapist is a key for the success of the therapy.

My approach is Gestalt therapy.

The expression Gestalt comes from German. In Gestalt therapy it means a whole cyclical process of psychological functioning, of meeting the needs. If this cycle is meaningfully organized and finished, it is an expression healthy functioning.

In Gestalt therapy, we try to explore together with the client what kind of cycles he experiences, what are his or her patterns of functioning. Does the client reach satisfaction? If yes, does the patient feel gratification in these outcomes? If not, what are the blocks that are arising in the patient’s psychological cycles that are preventing the patient from reaching satisfying outcomes?

What I like about Gestalt therapy: I am an active participant in the process and I provide a welcoming non-judgmental presence. The therapist and the client are in partnership and both are co-creating the therapeutic relationship, which is sufficiently supportive to hold the strong emotions and experiences during the sessions.