My second book 2016 Women in Gestalttherapy


In cooperation with Beatrix Wimmer we have managed to include more European female Gestalt therapists: Joppie Bakker, Lotte Hartmann-Kottek,  Wiltrud Krauss-Kogan, Sylvie Schoch de Neuforn, Carmen Vázquez Bandín, Cordula Zimmermann and Stella Resnick from the USA.

My first book Catch the Message 2015

Titulná stranaThe first book Catch The Message (2015) is co-authored by Jay Levin, a US therapist also known in Slovakia. The book is a tribute to the great contemporary female Gestalt therapists – 15 interviews with the followers of Laura Perls and Miriam Polster – who have contributed significantly to the development of Gestalt therapy. Our goal was to get from them as much information as possible about what is important in their work, what works and what their message is to the next generation of Gestalt Therapists. Catch the message!

Therapists in the book: Isabel Fredericson; Judith Brown; Liv Estrup; Elinor Greenberg; Gaie Houston; Lynne Jacob; Hanne Hostrup; Violet Oaklander; Rita Resnick; Nancy Amendt-Lyon; Ruella Frank; Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb; Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine; Nurith Levi; Sonia Nevis and a conclusion by Iris Fodor.